Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4th of July at the Colorado Monument

On the 4th of July. There is an opportunity for people to climb Independence Rock. That is the rock behind the guys in the picture below. It is something that was started way back when and is a 4 th of July tradition. It costs money to go, but they have professional rescue people all along the way and they help people up and down. Apparently you don't have to have alot of rock climbing experience.
John, Mark and Jay with scope and binoculars.
Mark and Independence Rock. He wants to climb it next year...wants someone to do it with him. Anyone interested???

The rock and Neola

Trying to get a closer look.
Jay took the picture through the spotting scope. They are raising the flag. As they raised the flag a trumpet played the National Anthem.

People on the rock waiting for their turn climb.

Fishing on the Mesa

John and Mark took me along on a fishing trip up to the Grand Mesa. We went to a lake called Waterdog Lake. There are a bunch of lakes up there and you follow little dirt roads around to each lake. Of course John and Mark like that ...after they fished and we fought off mosquitoes..they drove me around and showed me other places to fish.
John happy with a pole in hand.

Neola fighting off the bugs.

Mark with sky reflecting in the lake.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Speedy Summer

This summer has gone by very fast! We have traveled and done all sorts of things. I know that I am very behind on my blog. But there will be pictures and stories coming. We have traveled every month this summer and the last two trips have been over 1500 miles each. We went to Idaho in June for a wedding and visiting, and in July for 2 weddings and a baby shower, and this past week we went to Anaheim, CA for a conference for John and we went to Disneyland and the beach. Luke and Jessica met us there. Now we are getting ready for Mark to return to the U of Idaho and Jay to start back to school. We will return to Idaho the end of the month again for yet another wedding and hunting. We hope to make a trip to Moscow to see the boys apartment and help get them settled.