Monday, May 31, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Yes! It has been a long time since I have written anything! Life happened and I found it really hard to write. Some are really good at putting it all down in writing... I found that I just don't... so here I am trying to catch up.

March was tough..

Jay was .... being a teenager!

Jessica lost her mom Sue to cancer. We went to California for the funeral and to support the family. Thanks for your prayers....


Easter was the day after we got back from CA.

"He is risen" Therefore there is hope.


House Blessing! We a special blessing for the new house. Pastor Tom gave the blessing. Several friends came and helped us celebrate :)

April 30th... Adventure.... Becky and I flew to CA for Jessica's bridal shower. We met up in Phoenix... flew into Fresno... celebrated with her... enjoyed getting to know more of her family and friends :) Flew to Salt Lake City and parted ways to go home. Great weekend.

Jay competed in the State FFA Floriculture competition and WON! Top Individual!!! Out of 200 plus competitors. He didn't just win he took the top spot by 30 points and helped put his team into 2nd place missing 1st by 18 points. Unfortunately they only take first place team so they don't get to compete at nationals :(

Jay turned 18 May 4th! Wow where has the time gone? I'm getting older if he is an "adult"

May 13th.... wow... where did the time go.... We are headed to Idaho.... :)))))

Luke graduates.... and Luke and Jess get married.......

The graduation and wedding get their own blog..... this was catch up incase anyone wondered what happened to me.