Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Decisions

Its been a while since I've updated....
We are in the think of packing and making decisions on how to move. We have gotten two quotes and decided that we would be able to save money by moving ourselves. This means that we are doing all the work. Of course John and I have different views on how things need to be done so that adds to the fun!
We did learn some things from the men that came to give quotes. U-haul has the best deals on boxes and Budget has the best trucks. So that is what we are doing. We are still working out the details but it looks like my nephew and brother will be helping drive and move. The plan is to load the truck or trucks on the 29th or 30th and travel back to the New Plymouth area for a night or two and then drive to Colorado. Truck has to be returned by the Feb 4th.
I'm trying really hard to clean out and downsize, ha, ha.....I'm trying!!!


JHRME said...

Wow! You ARE busy busy!

Ruth Goodrich said...

I've never met you, but with Hunter and Jay being friends, I feel that I do. Hunter is so sad that Jay is moving. . . but he assures me they will be friends forever!! (We love Jay too!). Hope that the move is a great one. . . Ruth (Hunter's Mom)

Susan said...

Good luck on the whole down-sizing thing - your kids do come back - ask Jessica! We have a complete household packed away in our garage! I'm thinking about you packing and moving - hang in there! I keep reading about people who are from Grand Junction - it sounds like a great place.