Monday, April 27, 2009

Poor Chubby!!

One day he is a happy/grumpy Chubby dog hanging out with Jay in the sun in the backyard.
Jay and Chubby

Chubby working on getting some love while Jay plays with the camera.

As you know Chubby has had some health issues since we moved. Maybe due to the move and maybe because of other things. So at the vet's advise we had the "works" done on Chubby. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned, got blood work, and an x-ray all at once when they put him out. More bang for the buck. Anyway the x-ray and blood work came back fine. His teeth are clean and none had to be pulled. As far as the neutering goes...he's made at me!! Sore!!Here he is right after he came home. One pathetic looking dog. His leg was shaved for the IV.
This really makes him unhappy. The "collar" is there to keep him from licking himself. So when we can't watch him or have him next to us he has to wear this. If dogs pout Chubby is doing that when wearing the collar. He is sneaky so you have to watch him. Doc says for 7 to 10 days. So I'm babysitting!!


JHRME said...

Cheer up Chubby!