Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visiting...visiting and more visiting!!

I'm sure that you have noticed that I haven't blogged in awhile. Its summer and time flies and we travel. Jay and I have spent a week in Oregon in May, we got to visit with family and friends from the Rogue Valley. We also stopped by and checked on our house in Phoenix, that is for sale and no one is buying. It is a hard time to sell right now with the economy and people losing their jobs. So if you know of anyone that area....
We spent another week in June in Idaho visiting with family and friends and attending a wedding of friends. This trip allowed us more time to catch up with people we haven't seen for awhile. It was great.
John and Mark are both working and haven't been able to travel with us. Mark was able to get a job with the city parks and recreation. So he is getting experience in his area of study in college. John survived the Joint Commission evaluation that hospitals go through every three years. Actually they did really well and had the best one ever.
Luke is in north Idaho working at Circling Raven Casino and Golf Resort. He really enjoys his job and is gaining more valuable experience with this summers internship. He is living in Moscow and driving 45 minutes each way to work and back. He hit a deer but with his car...Thank God he is okay but did lose his rear view mirror and got a dent on the drivers side of the car. Luke surprised us and was able to make a quick trip down for Joel's and Amanda's wedding. It was fun to see him.
I will try to update with pictures soon.


JHRME said...

Wow! Good updates! Did you have to say "whew" after you got done posting all of that? I cant wait to see pictures!