Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Visit!

John's brother Wes and wife Joan came to visit. They were on a long road trip visiting family and seeing the sights. It was very exciting to have them come to visit. They spent a couple of days with us. We were able to visit and to show them a few sights of our area.

John showed Wes the construction of the hospital. They went all the way to the top and Wes got to stand on the Helipad for the Helicopter,

Wes on roof of hospital.

Jay, Joan and Wes.

Jay was involved in a teen court class. The night they were here he actually had court. Jay was one of the prosecutors. We were allowed to go watch court. In Fruita they have an opportunity for students that have had trouble with the law to go through teen court which is real court but if sentence is served then it will be taken off their record. There is a judge that oversees the court. The kids prepare for the case in class. They assign kids different positions in the court, some are lawyers, some are jury etc... Then on the night of court they go through the actual court proceedings. The jury decides what they will receive as a sentence.

John, Joan and Wes

We took them to see the Colorado Monument.

Wes, Joan and Neola

Wes and Joan
It was so much fun to have them come visit and spend time with us.