Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

Thanksgiving had come and gone and the boys had gone back to college and Jessica back home. We were trying to decide how much we would decorate the house because everything was in storage and we were still in our rental house. It was hard to get into the spirit of Christmas so John pushed and we decorated. We put up 2 trees, got out the Nativities and decorated "Gus" the goat. John even put up some LED lights outside. He is changing over to the LED because they are so energy efficient.

Early December it snowed a bunch... we got over 9 inches in 2 days. The locals tell us that it isn't normal... whatever that means. Then it turned cold! Dropped below zero and stayed cold. In Grand Junction they don't plow side streets, so we have ruts and snow and ice on our street. When the boys came home, the worst road of the trip was our street.
At least we had a white Christmas:))
The picture of John and the boys was taken on Christmas Eve... we went out for Chinese food. Even with the sun shining and Luke and Jay dressed for warm weather it was only about 20 degrees.

Christmas Eve we went to Church and then came home and of course had to take a family picture. When the boys are home we always play games. Great family time!
We gave the boys their yearly Christmas book. It is always a special time, now they take turns reading the story.

Christmas morning

Mark and Jay in their hats from Jess and Luke.

Mark got Luke a football for Christmas so they convinced their dad that he needed to go throw with them. The only place where it was clear enough was the hospital parking lot right behind the house. Needless to say they didn't last very long....they said the ball got too cold and hurt to catch. I think it was just cold!

We were very blessed to have Luke and Mark both home for Christmas. We had Luke for almost a week before he flew out to spend time with Jessica in CA. He flew out on Christmas Day evening. It was hard have him go but glad that he could spend time with Jessica and her family. He will fly back into Boise at the end of break and Mark will pick him up there and take him back to Moscow.

My boys are growing up! Life keeps changing, I treasure the moments!