Monday, February 9, 2009


We made it to Colorado....what an adventure! It was extremely hard leaving Phoenix, OR and saying goodbye....I cried for the first 400 miles...We had a caravan of 5 vehicles. Jamie, Norma and Jerrad came over to help pack and help drive. John drove a 26' Budget Truck, Jamie drove John's pickup with a trailer full, Jerrad's pickup full, my van full and Chubby (dog) was with me, Jay drove the Corolla. It was always an adventure when we stopped for gas. We were so tired but had a rest day at my sister's house in New Plymouth, we watched the Super Bowl.
Monday, 2/2/09 we headed out to was a 13 hour day....A friend Dave took over for my brother in John's pickup. Tuesday we unloaded and got stuff moved into the house. Dave and Jerrad were great help. They left on Wed morning after breakfast. Thursday and Friday we spent time looking at two schools. Then spent the weekend trying to decide which one because they both had good things about them.
Monday 2/9/09 we went and got Jay registered into Fruita Monument High School.....He is now a Wildcat instead of a Pirate! He starts tomorrow.
I will update and get pictures soon.


JHRME said...

Wow! Lots going on! Thanks for the update! Jay will have to take a couple pictures of his new school! Interested to see how it looks!