Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

It is truly a privilege to be a mom! I have been blessed with 3 boys. All are special in their own way. How Mother's Day is celebrated changes as they get older. I got a phone call from Luke and Mark as they were both at college and busy with dead week and finals. I did get to spend the day with Jay. Also didn't have to do any cooking or cleaning:)
I got to pick out a hanging basket for Mother's day.
Here I am with my hanging basket. I had John take the picture the first day I got it when it was still beautiful. I try really hard but don't always keep them looking like this. As a matter of fact two days later it was 90 degrees and we had moved the plant to the back. I went a whole day and forgot to water it. When I saw it I thought I had killed it...but....water and sitting in the cool grass brought it back to life. Thank God it lived!!

Mother's Day is sentimental as I think of my mom and John's mom who are no longer with us. I really miss them.