Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New adventure on my own!

I had a new adventure. My first commercial flight by myself. I flew from Grand Junction to Denver. Two of us had the same seat but I got to keep my seat and the other person got to sit in the front row so all were happy. I sat next to a business lady that traveled all over so she and I talked all the way to Denver and she helped me find my way to the next flight. I had 45 minutes between flights. I actually sat next to a friends brother so we chatted the whole way to Boise. Martha was waiting for me when I got off. We got my luggage and met Becky at Costco. Where we had lunch and I got my Costco fix:) Needless to say I spent some money. Becky introduced us to new deals and goodies.

I snapped this picture right as we were saying goodbye to Martha and the rain was starting to come down and the wind blowing.
Becky and I stopped by to see Wally, Cathy and Lady the dog. Had a nice visit with them.
Then we stopped by Kerry's to say hi! She was busy at the greenhouse and we visited there. Saw several local people that I knew. Here Carson is showing how much taller he is than his mother.

I spent the night with Becky and Steve and got to visit with them. Jamie, Norma, Jerrad and Zelda picked me up and we headed up to Moscow, ID for the U of Idaho graduation and to see the boys.

Luke, Mark and Neola at dinner at Applebee's.

Jamie, Amelia and Norma at dinner. It was amazing as Luke said anywhere in Idaho we can run into people we know and Jamie knew several people that walked by our table. Dinner was great thanks Jamie and Norma. I shared my motel room with them and that helped us all out.
Mark still had a bunch of stuff to move out of his dorm room.
Luke had even more to move out of his apartment. They were able to store most of their stuff with a friend. They will be getting an apartment together in August for the coming school year. They are looking forward to rooming together.

Mark's stuff almost loaded and ready to head home. It was a very long evening and morning of packing his and Luke's stuff and putting it in storage.
Neola and Mark on campus outside the Ag Science Building.

Mark and Luke at Luke's apartment.
Luke and Neola
Mark, Luke and Neola as we said goodbye to Luke and headed to New Plymouth. We got to Kerry and Doug's late on Sat night. It was a couple more days before we got home but we did have a good visit with people in the Treasure Valley.


JHRME said...

Im glad you got to go up there! It looks like a lot of fun! Very busy!

Susan said...

You are such a blogger! I can just see your arm stretched out taking the photo of you and your friends! The whole story of strangers on the plane - true blog material. I am so impressed! I also truly appreciate your comments on my blog! We are enjoying Luke this week. He's great at "Honeydew" projects. Thanks for loaning him to us. Susan