Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Idaho in June

Jay and I got to go to Idaho. We got to do alot of visiting with both family and friends. We stayed with Doug and Kerry. Below are random pictures of some of the people we saw. I'm sure I took over 100 pictures and I know that you didn't want to see them all.

Jay and Stephanie - She did our hair:)

Neola, Norma, Doug, Kerry and Jamie.
Connor modeling his new FFA Jacket. He is a Western Idaho District officer. Congrats!
Carson and his pink cowboy hat!

Sitting: Jerrad, Chase, and Carson. Jay and Connor in the back.

Chase and Carson had a weekend basketball tournament so we got to see them play summer league basketball.

Amanda and Joel. It was fun to get to go to their wedding.
Luke surprised us and came down from N. Idaho for the wedding and to visit. He drove down went to the wedding, we visited with a few family members and then he headed back north. He had to work the next day so he couldn't stay longer. Was a special treat to to see him.
Chase, Luke, Doug, Connor and Jay. Boys are growing up!!

Ron, Nick, Tess, Cris and Jay. Got to visit with the whole family. Nick had his wisdom teeth out the day before and seemed to be recovering just fine. I'm sure the pain meds were helping.

Jeanne, Suzie, Nancy and Neola. Coffee for a couple of hours at Jolts and Juice. Suzie just got back from seeing her new grandbaby! Fun to catch up.
Neola and Kathy and the card that I helped Kathy make. She was teaching me the fine art of card making and Jay was playing on her Cricut machine and making wonderful cutouts!
Jay, Elk and Cathy. Stopped by for a quick visit.

Mary and Bruce. We caught Mary on one of her days off so we were able to have a good visit. Fun to catch up.

Thanks Kerry and Doug! We had a fun time.