Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Oregon!! Random Pictures

I promised Jay that we would make a trip to Oregon as soon as he was finished with school for the year. Jay's last day was May 21st and we left for Oregon the 22nd. It is a two day drive so we went by way of Boise. We stayed with Martha and Al and then headed to Ashland. It was weird not stopping in the Payette/Ontario area but we were on a mission to Southern Oregon.


At Al and Martha's

Stop at Collier State Park.

Jay, Hannah, Shirley and Elizabeth.

Lauri, Hannah, Neola and Shirley. Shirley fixed a great dinner and we got to see family.

Jennifer, James and Jay at Sonic. We did lunch.

Neola and Kay. We did lunch during the week.

We visited the schools and saw many teachers and students. Jay was able to reconnect with teachers and friends.

Jay getting his soccer award from Cesar.
Neola and Rafa. He played soccer with Mark.

Franny and Neola

Neola and Joani

Neola and Jill did lunch.

Our visit to the high school resulted in Dianne offering her house to kids to gather so Jay could spend time and hang out with friends. She offered and the kids took her up on it, they invited 50 plus and on a half day notice they got a good group. Thanks so much Dianne and Dan! Their son Austin is one of Jay's friends.
Dianne and Dan
Jay and Hunter

The kids being silly at the party at Dianne's.
Another picture of the kids.

Jay and I were able to go to scrapbooking one evening and got to see all the people at our scrapbook group.
Neola, Cari (Creative Memories) and her girls, Tiffany and Gracie.
Debi and Neola

We stopped by our house in Phoenix. It is for sale:((
We met with Linda our realtor and got Calvin our lawn guy set up.

Jay on the front porch. It was sad and emotional for us both to go into the house. Many wonderful memories of times with family and friends.

Before the lawn was mowed.

Shirley, Craig and Jay. The week went way too fast and we had to say goodbye and head back home. Thank you so much Craig and Shirley!! It was fun!

Dan, Jay, Margie and Pat. We stopped by the Daly's on our way out of town to load up stuff they had stored for us that we didn't have room for when we moved. Here you can see the Elk antlers that Craig stored for us and we have the bird bath and rocks that Margie and Pat kept for us.
Thanks to all and I took so many pictures that I couldn't put them all in but had a great time visiting and hope to come back again soon.


JHRME said...

1.)You were right about having so many pictures with people!
2.)Dianne and Dan have a fabulous picnic table!
3.) You and Jay have very expressive faces!