Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Ours....

Today was the day that we closed on our new house. It was an emotional day for me. Buying a house makes this whole moving to Colorado a more permanent thing. Plus the work of moving again, even if we didn't unpack everything it still requires alot of work to move. It has been a year of living here and you just accumulate "stuff"! Neola is known for her "piles" of things that she is going to deal with.... so I will probably throw it in a box and "deal" with it later....
I got most of the utilities changed today; Reminder for those of you that are planning a move... take care of that a few days in advance.. depending on the company it can be over a week out to get services changed even if you already have service with that company.....rrrrr
But the new frig and range came in today so we picked them up (no we won't pay for delivery) after John got off work. Jay met us at the house and helped us unload and put in the house.
Tomorrow my friend Sandy and I will go in and clean. It is a new house so it is mainly construction dust. Then we begin the move.
The day will be easy to remember because today is my brother's 50th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Jamie!!


JHRME said...

Ah I cant say it enough. I am sooooooo excited for you! Im excited that you'll be able to move in and get comfy!

Anonymous said...

should put up some more pictures