Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Year Brings Changes!!

One year ago we pulled into Grand Junction, Colorado with our 5 vehicles and all our belongings. It had been a long emotional several days since we had loaded and left Phoenix, Oregon. John had driven the Budget truck, Jerrad his pickup truck full inside and out, Dave had taken over for Jamie and Norma in New Plymouth and had "herded" the dodge pickup with trailer, Neola was in a full van with Chubby, Jay in the Corolla. I distinctly remember the last part of the drive from Price to Green River was horrible, it had just gotten dark and there were scary energy trucks driving stupid on the two laned highway. Then we got to Green River, Utah and thought we were almost here. Wrong it was another 90 miles in the dark. I can still see Jay's face as we pulled into the driveway and looked at where we were going to be living!

Now a year later, we are getting settled into the community. The rental house has served us well being so close to work for John. For an older home with multiple split levels it has been okay. We had the kids home at vacations and we all fit and for the most part enough beds. Wes and Joan visited in October.

We have searched for about a year for a house. We have looked at so many open houses and met almost all the Realtors in the valley. After we sold our house in Phoenix in October we started looking for real in November. Grace became our Realtor and she is a hard worker. We saw a ton of houses in our price range and some stretching it. We made a low ball offer on an amazing house in the Redlands and didn't get it. We recently made an offer on a new speck house in Fruita (small town to the west) after a small counter they accepted and if all goes as planned we should close on Feb 22nd. Then we "get" to move again!

Since the house is new we will have to purchase a frig, they give us a range allowance so I can have my gas range. We will need to buy all the window coverings and are in the process of getting bids for 18 windows. We need some new furniture and there there is landscaping but no fence. There will be plenty of projects to keep us busy for awhile.

Even with the work ahead it will be nice to finally be in our own home. Praying all the paperwork and stuff happens as it is suppose to.

Neola and the house

The kitchen.

Will post more pictures when it all happens.


JHRME said...

Wow! Really liking the kitchen. And the house. It looks great!
Im really really excited for you! Cant wait to come visit!