Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving.....all the STUFF!!

Moving... ahh ... I'm sure you all have some stories to tell. It is an adventure whether you are moving 1,000 miles or 10 miles. It John and I have lived in 7 different houses since we have been married. The first move was in to the church parsonage after his dad had retired. Now that is a story in itself. The next move was across the street to a little 600 sq ft house. We rented for a year or two and then bought it. Now several moves later and many years later you would think we had it all figured out! Ha, Ha. John and I have to totally different styles and depending on which kid is helping us they do also. This blog began with Jessica setting me up to blog our adventures of moving from Phoenix, OR to Grand Junction, CO. Now a year later we are having another moving adventure. The trusty dodge pickup and little green golf cart trailer converted into a moving trailer by a friend a few moves ago. Thanks Bruce!

Like I said an adventure... flat tire that we pumped up and drove till it went flat again. Thank God that it held the day of the big move.

The movers! They were amazing. All guys from John's work crew. Dan,Kim John,Jim,Keith,Matt,Bob and Todd. Thank you guys!!
Loading at the rental house. The truck and some of the pickup trucks that they used!

Unloading at the new house.

My dishes in their new home!
John and Jay moving stuff upstairs. Notice they are steep!

Keith, John and Dan enjoying the Deer stew that Dan provided! It was very good!

Neola and our candle. Grace our real estate agent gave us candle to light at our new house for it to be a place of love. We gathered around and lite the candle and had a time of prayer.

This is a picture of the house from the top of the stairs looking down into the kitchen and "great" room. Lots left to unpack and put away!!!
John drilling the first hole in the wall to hang "Gus"

John and Jay hanging Gus in his place.

Some of the stuff is put away and Gus the goat and Sam the sheep are hung. It is starting to feel like home.
Thank you God for your many blessings as we move forward into a new chapter in our life.