Friday, September 25, 2009

August Idaho Trip

John and I got to Idaho for Jerel and Chenowa's wedding. Luke and Mark were coming down from Moscow for it. Jay had to stay home because school had just started and John and I were taking a couple extra days to visit and hunt.Becky, Stephanie and Neola. Stephanie did our hair. We were her last before taking time of to have the baby. Don't we all look great!
It going to be tough for me because now I have to find someone at home to do my hair. I have been spoiled going up to Idaho and having Stephanie do my hair.

Steve, Luke, John and Mark in a variety of clothing. They golfed early on Saturday before the wedding.

Then we went to the wedding. I'm sad that I didn't take better pictures. Also I didn't get a picture of the 4 of us all dressed up or even together!! To quote the kids "epic failure!"

Between the wedding and reception, because we were on a time frame we ran out to the farm to buy some meat for the boys and to see Jamie and boys. John, Marie,Jeff,Neola (in Mark's shoes because of the dust)Jamie,Jerrad and Mark.
Luke, Jeral and Chenowa

Natalie, Neola and Mary.

Sunday evening...I went with John hunting. We didn't see any elk but did see some deer. John was able to explore the country so he had a good idea where he was headed the next day. I even did better than normal on the mountain road with some drop off. John went back the on Monday but didn't get anything...
JoNell, Neola and Kathy
While John was hunting I took care of some errands and then visited the school where I use to teach. I got to visit with friends during their lunch.
We went by and visited with Kerry and Doug and the kids were home from school so we got to see them for awhile.John and Doug

Kerry, Chase, Carson, and Connor
Thank you Becky and Steve we enjoyed our vist!


JHRME said...

Wow what a fantastic trip! I'm so sad I couldnt go...