Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Friday Night "Date"

Friday night after John got home from work, we were looking for something to do. The hospital has this huge building project that I have posted pictures of before. Well now they are doing finish work inside and are suppose to be about 2 months out from he decided that we should go over and shut off all the lights that were left on by construction guys. John doesn't only turn off lights at home he turns them off at work. He sees the electric bill and can't handle it...guess he did it at the Rogue Valley Medical Center also. So we went into mechanical rooms and all the other spaces....he was "showing" me the project. There are alot of floors and and light switches!John in mechanical rooms

John turning off lights

Neola on the roof of the hospital. The Colorado Monument in the background. It has taken him 7 months to get me up there. Since it was getting dark the flash picked up the reflection on the vest...that is why I don't have it on.
When John was turning out the surgery lights...he turned on the green surgery lights. Guess it helps make the blood show up better.

After all the light turning out we got to go out for a late dinner. Another exciting Friday night!


JHRME said...

Haha what a creative date night!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a good time! I want to explore this hospital! looks interesting! at least more so than my old explorations in Holy Rosery!