Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer over and time for school

Summer 2009 went very quickly with lots of trips out of town. Unfortunately Luke never made it "home" to Colorado. After Disneyland, Mark started the process of getting ready to head back to college. Sorting, packing, etc. We were making decisions because Luke and Mark were sharing an apartment. We had stuff stored in Idaho and in Colorado to furnish the apartment and it was going to be up to Mark to transport it to Moscow. He took his job very seriously and worked very hard and made a trip from Colorado to S. Idaho to N. Idaho with a load. Then made a day return trip to New Plymouth to get a huge load of stuff that Cathy and Wally had stored for us. Jamie and Jerrad helped make it all fit in his pickup truck.

John and Mark tying things down.

John and Mark
Mark and Jay. No picture of me... I was crying and looked bad.

Mark saying good-bye to Chubby.
Mark the gills inside...wanting to keep as much dry as possible. A big smile on his face...he loves college and is excited to be going back. Moscow is a great place to go to school, it is a special place. Yea! John and I are Vandals.....but the kids made their own choice to go there. I D A H O!! Idaho!Idaho! Go Go Go