Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Weddings, Baby Shower - one long weekend!

Thursday at noon we leave G. J. for Idaho, actually Ontario, OR. We were fortunate to have John get to go on this trip. (Of course that also makes it a shorter visit) Another travel point is that we drive and don't stop much! One time I came running out of the rest area restroom as John was backing out of the parking space. I jumped in and away we went...important to beat that extra wide load to the two land highway!

We got in by 11pm to Becky and Steve's. The next morning we were up and Jay and I had a hair appt with Stephanie. (Yea, we drive 11 hours for our hair cuts:) John visited Holy Rosary where he use to work. After lunch with Becky. We headed to Boise to visit with Martha and Al before the wedding at BSU Stadium upper floors.

John wants to go to Africa, this may be as close as we get...had to make a quick stop at Cabela's in Boise.
Dress and ready to go to Cassie's Wedding.

John and Julie. Friends from Payette. It was fun to visit with them and other friends that were there.
I wish I had taken better pictures it was very nice!

Cassie and Brian cutting the cake.

Next morning was Stephanie's baby shower. I was so excited to get to go...I have seen her almost each month and get to see her in each stage of baby. Lindsay and Abby did a great job and there was lots of food and people.

That afternoon we got to go to Matt and Emily's wedding reception. They were married in the Seattle area and were having a reception for all the friends and family in Idaho.
Matt and Emily

Payette School group. Lee, Janet, Leslie, Jay, Kay, Cris, Ron, Ted and Bonnie. Jay and Hilary

Kathy, Neola and Kay
John, John, Chris and Dick
The guy's plus Phil & Doug all graduated together.

Chris (Martha was at the Tour de France), John and Kathy, John and Neola, Phil and Kay. Group was also missing Doug and Kerry and Dick and Sue

Sometime during that day we found time to run out and see Jamie and family. They are remodeling the family home. It is exciting to see the progress.
Jamie and John

Jay, John, Jeff, Jamie and Norma

Sunday morning we headed home. We left early, stopped in Utah at Costco. There are several on I 15 in Utah. (we don't have one in G.J.) But guess what John found another Cabela's in Utah..bigger than Boise so....yea we stop when there are important things to stop for when travelling with John.....
Jay with the Polar Bear

Thanks Becky and Steve it was a fun weekend!


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