Monday, March 16, 2009

Boise to Colorado

On Friday after getting our hair done, getting meat and saying goodbye to the White's. We headed to Boise to meet up with Luke and Mark coming down from Moscow ready to start their spring break. We met them at Martha's. Martha took us out to eat at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Luke's birthday. I forgot the camera when we went to dinner and the airport, I took one on my phone but don't know how to blog it. We then took Luke to the airport, he was flying out to California for spring break to see Jessica.

Jessica and Luke, A picture I took at Christmas time.

Ken, Christie and Andrew. Ken and Christie and the boys came to visit after we got finished dropping Luke off. Boys are growing.

Martha and Jay

Martha and Mark
Mark, Martha and Jay

Martha and Neola

We had a great time visiting Martha. We stayed up way past her bedtime visiting and looking at some of Al's family things. It had been a long time since we stayed with Martha...we were thinking that it was before Jay was born and it was Luke, Mark and I stayed there when I was taking a class at BSU. Thank you Martha...

Mark and Jay at a rest area. Mark eating his tuna sandwich Martha made for us:)

Neola and Mark

Jay, Neola and Mark

Mark leading the way in Utah

Mark following .....

We made it home in alittle over 10 hours from Martha's. Long trip but taking away that one hour sure helped. We made it just as it was getting dark so Mark got to see most of the sites along the way. We have some awesome scenery and rugged mountains and cliffs.