Monday, March 9, 2009

Unloading in Grand Junction

We had a good nights rest and got started unloading all
the vehicles. Jerrad and Dave were amazing and we
got everything unloaded and either in the house or storage
by 2pm. As you can see it was a beautiful sunny day.

Jerrad and Dave unloading Jerrad's pickup.
John in the truck with precious cargo.
John sorted and handed stuff to Dave and Jerrad and
they put it where it needed to go. I helped but hauled
light stuff.

Unloading big things!

The kitchen filled up quick. Much smaller than our
house in Phoenix. Chubby on his bed, he was not sure
what to think.

Jay helping John in the truck.

Dave and Jerrad unloading a very full and
heavy filing cabinet.

Jay , John and Neola
Dave, Jerrad and John in front of the vehicle they drove.

John, Neola and Jay in front of our house in Colorado.
Ready to start a new chapter in our life. We took
Jerrad and Dave out for breakfast the next morning and
they headed back to Idaho. They made it in 10 hours.
Thank you Dave and Jerrad for all your help we
couldn't have done it without you.


JHRME said...

And I'm guessing that's the hospital in the background?