Monday, March 16, 2009

Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument is something to see. Since I'm having trouble describing it I will quote from the brochure. " C. N. M. preserves one of the grand landscapes of the American West. Bold, big and brilliantly colored, this plateau-and-canyon country, with its towering masses of naturally sculpted rock, embrace 32 square miles of rugged, up and down terrain." This amazing National Monument is about 5 minutes from our house. Needless to say we have bought a season pass. There are suppose to be some amazing hiking trails.A camera doesn't quite capture the awesome colors and depth.
John and Neola with Grand Valley behind us.
Jay being clever with the camera!


John glassing for big game...didn't see any but there is suppose to be big horn sheep, deer and elk.

John, Jay and Neola with the" fallen rock" in the background. John and Neola forgot to smile while trying to get the picture.
Neola sitting on the edge. Not really there is quite alot of space between me and the drop off. Most of you know that I don't do cliffs and mountain roads with drop offs. There were places on in the Monument that are scary....but it was worth it!

John loves the edge...where he can look down.

Jay taking his own picture.

John and the edge .. long way down!

Neola and John....notice I'm hanging on!
Jay and John....see the area above their head....that's were the road goes!! Understand my fear!

The Balancing Rock
The tunnel on the way down!
Yes, I know ...Colorado is more than brown.


Ryan M Scott said...

Hi Neola! Lois sent an update with a link to your blog. We recognize those Bookcliff mountains! Ryan and I have been to the Colorado Mountain Wine Festival in Palisade the last few years. You live in a beautiful place! I hope you're all enjoying it! I was going to say you should go see the Monument if you haven't, but I see you have. What a breathtaking place to live near! Spectacular views. You should go tour some wineries/vineyards and peach orchards too in spring or summer. Maybe Ryan and I will get to see you up there!

JHRME said...

Jay's creative pictures are super cool! Im glad to see you're getting out to see the sights!