Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Road again...south to Colorado!

The Caravan of 5 left New Plymouth around 8:15am our goal
being to miss the Boise morning traffic. John started in the lead, with
Dave following in the pickup and trailer, Jerrad next, with Neola and
Chubby and then Jay. Jay liked to be last it was okay as long as I
could see him in the rearview mirror. Boise wasn't bad. The conversation
was enjoyable on the radios, we couldn't all talk but could hear other
conversations. The first stop for gas was a experience, I kept swiping
the credit card...after 3 swipes they lock you out...I'm not real
quick all the time. But we did get it figured out after I understood that
they wanted me to go in and okay the 5 vehicles. Plus Chubby always
made each stop interesting also. I'm from Oregon we pick up our
dogs poop.

Chubby watching out the front.

Utah! Thank God the snow is on the side!!
Jay passing Neola on the freeway.

Neola and Jay

John headed back to the truck after a break

Jerrad in Price, Utah
Jay in Price...looks like he saved his drink.

Jerrad, Dave, John and Jay dinner at KFC
in Price, Utah.

Dave & Jerrad checking out the dodge pickup after
dinner. Ready for the last leg of the trip.

Jay in driveway of new house. Made it 13 plus hours.....
John backing the truck into the driveway, Dave and Jerrad
giving directions.

John unlocking the truck...trying to see the combination.
We unloaded the mattresses so all could sleep in a bed.
Long day!!!


JHRME said...

Whew! What a trek! I like the picture of Chubby looking out the front, and the one of you and Jay! (Glad to see he's enjoying his hat!!)