Wednesday, March 4, 2009

End of an era! Red Van and Boom Box

The famous red van! When we moved to Phoenix,
the red van was our main van. A year later we sold our
house in Payette and bought the gold van. So the
"extra" car became Luke's vehicle. He drove that van for
2 years and hauled many soccer, golf and friends skiing.
Luke graduates and gets a car and goes to college. In steps Mark, his
turn he drove the red van for 2 years. He also hauled many kids, mainly
the soccer guys. There wasn't hardly a day that he didn't
have it full of kids. Mark graduates....sorry no vehicle right away
we couldn't find the right truck. So he went to college with a bike!
In steps van waiting for him. He drove it half a year.
Life changes and we are moving to Colorado. We look for a new
vehicle for he doesn't have to start a new school with
the red van. Besides that the red van has many miles and
while we were trying to trade it found that it needed work. So
we traded it for a Toyota Corolla.
Jay with the red van and the corolla in the back ground.
We gave the van a hug and said goodbye..many
years of memories. Many family outings, vacations,
ski trips, soccer mom, you name it.

I know this is random....but I let go of my boom box.
Took a memories. Moving can be good
you clean out and savor some fun memories.