Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Day of Rest and Super Bowl

We got in late to Kerry and Doug's house on Saturday night.
It was nice to have a day of rest after all the emotion and
stress of packing, leaving and driving. Chubby had trouble.
We are not sure if it was the stress or what of the move and
being in a strange place but while John, Neola and Jay all
were visiting at Becky and Steve's house Chubby nipped Doug
on the arm. Then growled at John when we got back.
John sitting with Chubby during the Super Bowl
making sure he behaves.
Chase, Carson, Doug (showing his bite), and Connor.

We had visitors after the game, Fishers stopped by and
John and Dave were planning the trip to Colorado from
New Plymouth. Dave in dark green on couch took over
the driving of John's pickup the from New Plymouth to Colorado.
Norma and Jerrad, with Jamie and Jeff in the back.
We were able to spend more time with them. Jamie
had to work so he wasn't able to continue the trip.
Huge thanks to Jamie and Norma for giving up
their weekend to help us move!!
Love this picture, Jamie, Jerrad and Jeff.


Anonymous said...

well then it doesn't look like dad did his job very well at all!