Saturday, September 26, 2009


On the way home from Idaho it was just John and I. We are driving through Southern Idaho and he asks if we want to go home through Neola, Utah. Yes, There is a small town in N. E. Utah that is Neola. So we stop at the Utah visitor center on I15 and get info for the best way to get there. It is always interesting exploring new territory. We have talked about going to Neola, Utah since we found it on the map. Yes, I know I have the same clothes on that I had on at Disneyland. I was dressing for comfort and had no idea I would be in so many pictures.

Is this sign too cool or what? It is all that iron stuff. We had traveled through alot of other little towns that had no signs and then we get to Neola and there are a bunch. John was so excited that he made sure we got pictures of them all. We did forget to look for a post office...that later we found out that there was one.... next time. Have to take my kids back there. It also isn't far from the Dinosaur National Park.

This was fun and worth the extra couple of hours that it took to get home. After all the years of having a "different" name and having to spell it .... this was really cool!


JHRME said...

You have your own town! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Want that street sign in the house, might be able to work that out for you.