Sunday, March 15, 2009

John starts a new job!

John started his new job at St. Mary's Hospital
on Feb 9, 2009. He had two days of new employee
orientation and then started working as Assistant
Director of Facilities. As you can see from the picture
he now wears a tie to work.

Below are two pictures of the hospital from
different angles. As you can see they are in the
middle of a huge remodel. John will be involved
in the project and in the day to day workings
of the facilities of the hospital.

Picture taken from our backyard. The hospital owns a row of 7 houses adjacent to the hospital. "Nun row', several nuns
from the hospital live in some of the houses. The rest the hospital rents to new employees while they find a place to buy. We are renting a 4 bedroom house until our house in Phoenix sells and/or we are able to find a house here.

Picture taken from across the street. The coffee shop parking lot.

Backyard of our house. Sidewalk leads to the back gate that John walks to work. We live closer than the employee parking.

John's walk to work!